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A&Y Gold Buyers will now become known as A1 Gold Buyers.

The gold buying industry has grown and gained independence from pawn shops and jewelry stores and it is evident that this is a legitimate business that is here to stay.

As with all new industries that grow exponentially, one finds professional operations and ,unfortunately amateurish types of businesses. More worrisome is the dishonest, bait and switch and underground or black market operations.

Wherever one looks today one sees a “WE BUY GOLD ”  sign on literally each and every corner. There are vast misconceptions by the unsuspecting public that all gold buyers pay the same. This is totally FALSE.

The majority of gold buyers would like to buy at the cheapest price and thereby maximize their profits.

Some of the larger operations advertise aggressively and make their money on pure volume.

At A1 Gold Buyers we operate a little differently. We do NOT spend our money advertising .You will not find our coupons in every envelope stuffer and junk mail flyer. We will not offer you a paltry amount for your goods and follow it up with an additional 10,20 or even 30% coupon. NO. We have more respect for you, our client, than that.

We operate with transparency. We will tell you the exact purity of your gold, silver or precious metal and we will offer you payment based on the spot gold price and the true weight of your goods.

With A1 there is no necessity to labor one’s self “shopping” for the highest price. We spend our money paying you the highest prices and our advertizing will be the most reliable advertisement:-A referral by YOU our satisfied customer.

It is to this end that we deem it necessary to re-brand ourselves so that the public clearly knows where to sell their gold, silver or jewelry.

ALL GOLD BUYERS are not the same.

We have opened 17 beautiful, upscale, private and friendly locations ,conveniently situated in Metro Atlanta . We are now only a few minutes’ drive from, not only Atlanta, but almost anywhere in North Georgia.

Our referral program has become a true winner for our customers. Each referral client you introduce to us we payyou 10% of what we buy from them. Not only the first time ,but each and every time your referral sells to us.This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Next time you look for a gold buyer look for the A1 in the gold coin and assure yourself of the best service and highest payout