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When to Sell Gold?

If you are reading this post we assume that you are a gold owner who wants reap the maximum profit from your gold.

As a gold seller you should try to sell while the price of gold is high. This might seem easier said than done, since the value of gold can fluctuate in a seemingly unpredictable manner.

The value of gold goes up or down depending on the supply and demand of gold. During periods when large amounts of gold are being purchased, such as when a government decides to purchase gold as a reserve, the value of gold will go up and selling might be a good choice.

Another indicator to look at is the economy. When the economy is doing poorly, the value of gold tends to go up which might make it more profitable to sell your gold. However, the best time to sell gold is when the economy is showing signs of recovery, since the gold prices will likely be on the brink of dropping.

The value of the US dollar affects the value of gold. As the value of the dollar continues to go down, the value of gold will go up. Therefore, another good time to sell gold is when the value of the dollar drops, which occurs when the Federal Reserve prints a lot of money.

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