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Announcing our first location in Nashville, Tennessee.

A1 Gold Buyers is extremely excited to announce the opening of their first location outside the state of Georgia.

Tomorrow ,April 24 the brand new A1 Gold Buyers will open at 3413 Nolensville Pike in the beautiful state of Tennessee.

A1 opine that Tennessee is a wonderful state to explore business and made perfect sense as the first out of state location due to excellent demographics and proximity to Georgia.

Additional sites have been identified in Nashville and other cities of Tennessee which we look forward to expanding into.

Where to Sell Gold Jewelry

Whether you’re in need of cash to pay your bills, have old jewelry you never wear, or received gold jewelry as gifts that aren’t your style, there are many different ways to get cash for your gold jewelry.

Gold jewelry sitting in your jewelry box unworn and unused isn’t valuable. Unless you are holding on to it for sentimental reasons. With gold prices at an all-time high selling your old, unwanted or never worn jewelry is easier than ever and with so many options available you will be able to generate so much more cash than you thought.

There are many places where you can sell gold jewelry, such as:

– Online stores and auction sites like Amazon and EBay, where customers are likely to find you – on the downside you need to be tech-savvy and the fees on the websites will drive your total gain down significantly.
– Internet classifieds like Craigslist work relatively well if you are willing to deal with potential con artists and scam artists, so much so that Craigslist have a Scam Policy posted on their website.
– Local pawn shops – It will take a lot of your time to shop around and deal with trained and sharp sales people;
– By-mail cash for gold services; on the downside it was proven not to pay very well by ABC News ( )

If you want the best value for your jewelry, no matter how much or how little, just lying around, Bring it to any of 17 conveniently located A1 Gold Buyers locations. Additionally, A1 Gold Buyers have a 110% price match guarantee. This is a great option for those who have broken jewelry, jewelry that doesn’t fit properly or if they received them as gifts but don’t like the style or color.

Where Can I Sell Gold?

In a tough economy, many people have turned to selling their unwanted and unused gold and silver jewelry to make extra money. Jewelry that does not get worn and even jewelry that is broken can be sold to make quick cash. When looking for a place to sell unwanted items, the best places are local businesses that specialize specifically in buying gold and silver.

Many businesses have popped up in recent years that will buy scrap and broken jewelry. You should know that some gold buyers are not completely honest but A1 Gold Buyers treat you with the respect you deserve, “We are a transparent company which means we will tell you the true value of your gold, silver and jewelry.”

A1 Gold Buyers has a set price that they will pay according to the current selling price of gold and silver. Unlike pawn shops or jewelers, A1 gold buyers will not try to haggle. They will offer a fair price based on the market value of the metal that is brought to them without trying to rip off the customer. The gold and silver will be weighed and an amount to be paid will be calculated right in store.

Although a person will not get the full value of their metals, as these types of businesses also make a profit, they will get a fair price without the bargaining involved at other businesses that buy and sell gold. They also will purchase any and all metals aslong as it is real, where as many other types of gold buyers will not buy jewelry that is broken, outdated or does not fit their own qualifications.

When looking to make some money quickly and easily, selling unwanted or broken gold to a local gold buyer is the way to go. Customers can be paid fairly for their items, making money off of things that were just lying unused in their jewelry boxes.