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What main factors should determine where you sell your gold, silver and other precious metals?

Yesterday I heard first hand another fascinating story of fraud and deceit in this already tarnished industry.

At approximately 6-30 pm yesterday we received a phone call from a very irate and understandably upset “customer”. When asked what the problem was, he advised us that the check we had issued him was not being honored and was “bad”. Well what relief was felt by us. Cold? Callous? Sick? No, none of the above. We just knew immediately it was not our check. How did we know without checking you may ask? Simple. WE PAY CASH!!!. We do not pay by check and that is another important factor separating us from the rest.

Do not be mistaken, we felt terrible for the victim and assisted him in locating the offending gold dealer. (which happened to be closed for business)

In addition we directed him to the local police, whom we work very closely with in order to file charges.

On further examination we discovered that the customer (victim) actually had the gold dealer come to his house to effect the transaction.
Now I am not saying anything disparaging about this customer, except to say that he was ignorant and too trusting.

The lessons I want to share are now simple to understand:

1. If the gold dealer pays by check there is ALWAYS the chance that it will NOT be honored. Sometimes at no fault of the dealer, but perhaps a bank error.
2. If you are inviting a “gold dealer” to your home, you are now showing him where you live and showing them your gold, silver and jewelry etc. In today’s times that could be a very costly mistake; both financially and Heaven-forbid physically. Additionally, it is absolutely illegal in most places to buy precious metals without a permit for that specific address. Yes! That would make many gold parties and the like absolutely illegal.


How to avoid these simple mistakes and still gain.

Come into any one of A1 Gold Buyers’ 18 locations where you will be advised and assisted by a professionally trained buyer in an upmarket, comfortable and friendly environment. Our promise of honesty and transparency will be immediately apparent. We will test your gold for purity and weigh it on a certified scale; where after we will offer you a respectful and fair price for your precious metals. We will pay you cash on the spot and relieve you of the worry and hassle of cashing a check (that could possibly be bad). If by slight chance somebody has offered you more, we will honor that with our 110% price match guarantee*.
Do not be a victim and do not take chances. Come to the established, tried and trusted gold dealer in your neighborhood.

A1 Gold Buyers. Great Service! Great Prices! ALWAYS.


*A written quote may be requested to validate a price

A1 Gold Buyers announces national franchise opportunity.

Over the past 3 years A1 has opened and operated 18 gold and precious metal purchasing locations. A1 Gold Buyers believes that their future growth and development exists in the franchising and national expansion of their tried and trusted concept.

The gold buying industry has mushroomed and asserted itself as a legitimate long term business. A1 has developed a business model that is fast, affordable and easy.

Founder and CEO, Anthony Shapiro is of the opinion that the low cost (As low as $35,000) and uncertain economic times, coupled with the soaring prices of precious metals, make this the ideal franchise. The business lends itself to owner operators, retirees, graduates, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Areas and regions with multiple store opportunities will be carved out for the investors or multi-unit operators. Shapiro says “the business prides itself on treating their clients with transparency, respect and honesty.”

Asked why go through a franchisor and not open what appears to be a simple business, Shapiro comments “things are not always as simple as they appear”. He continues with saying that “A1’s experience in opening the stores has given them the ability to open quicker and at a significantly lower cost than an independent operator. In addition the simple economics of purchasing, selling and advertising in volume is obviously more financially viable. Expensive rookie mistakes will be eliminated through intensive and ongoing training which will also assist franchisees with alternative and additional trading options.”

A1’s teams bring a blend of experienced operators as well as international franchisors and together feel that they have the recipe for growth and success.

Their debut sales event takes place on the weekend of June 2, at the Franchise &Business opportunities Expo in Houston, TX.

Interested parties can reach A1 Gold Buyers AT FRANCHISE@A1GOLDBUYERS.COM,  telephone 678- 702-9981 or by using the Franchise Request Form.

What is the True Value of your old engagement ring?

Are you under the impression that the sale price of your ring is the same as what you paid? If so, think again.

The retail value (sale price) of a diamond depends on how much buyers are willing to pay, coupled with the price at which the seller agrees to sell it. A diamond may sell at a whole range of prices. Fortunately though, there is also a range for wholesale pricing of diamonds that can be predicted.

Various factors affect the actual selling price of diamonds that are similar. The most important determination of pricing is the quality of the gem. Diamonds of higher quality are harder to find than those of a lower quality. That is the reason that those high quality stones command a higher price.. In other words, the price goes up unequally as the quality of the diamond improves.

Color, too, is a determining factor of retail value. Diamonds come in different colors. Pinks, blues and yellows are highly prized. But in a white diamond, a yellowish tint lowers its value.

Are you looking to sell diamonds, or maybe your engagement ring does not fit you anymore or you simply want cash for it? Visit any of our locations today.

Our highly trained staff will appraise your precious metals and stones while you wait in our friendly and upscale location while you sip on a cool beverage or indulge in an espresso.

We look forward to serving you.

Gold and Silver in American History

American history is filled with images of prospectors braving hostile new environments in their search for gold or silver. While it is acknowledged that each new “rush” would eventually lead to even more development of the previously-unexplored land, it does not accurately describe what motivated the prospectors’ willingness to search for gold and/or silver in the harshest of conditions: money!

According to the various Coinage Acts that were in force from 1792 until 1873, all a prospector needed to do with his find was present it to the nearest United States Mint, or official branch, and he could have his gold or silver bullion converted (“for free”) to coins that were then spent in the local economy. Since metallic coin was always accepted at face value, while paper money was usually not, communities near prospecting fields enjoyed an economic advantage over cities in other states.

Having what appeared to be an unlimited source of “money that could be dug out of the ground” and then placed the American economy at a distinct advantage over the European countries that were dependent on their colonies as a source of both metallic and trade wealth. Since the American economy was regularly infused with new wealth with each gold and silver strike, this led to the gradual emergence of the United States as a world financial and business power in the late 19th Century.

Today as gold prices soared to an all time high there has never been a better time to sell your gold for cash. So make sure to stop at any of A1 gold buyers locations to get the most for your gold and silver items.