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Why it is safe to sell your gold and precious metals at A1 Gold Buyers

Watch this short video and then decide where do you want to sell your gold!!!

This will NEVER happen at A1. Why?

Firstly –Transparency! We pride ourselves on showing you the purity and certified weight of your gold. Thereafter we will make you a respectful (not lowball) offer for your goods, up to 92% of the gold price.
Secondly- We have 18 locations where we are proud of what we do. We don’t spend a weekend in a hotel and move on to the next town.
Thirdly- We pay CASH. Never worry about a bad check again.

A1 Gold Buyers prides itself on transparency when buying your unwanted jewelry, gold ,silver or diamonds. We have 18 upscale, friendly locations which are owner operated with highly trained, courteous and professional buyers.
Come experience the A1 difference.

What Is Gold Used For?

Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals in the world, and it has been considered valuable in every civilization in the history of the world. Besides just being a precious metal, it is also used in many different capacities. Here are a few different uses of gold.

Store of Value
Gold is used as a store of value. It is often crafted into coins or bars and sold to speculators. The value of gold fluctuates frequently, but it always retains some value since it is a physical object and a precious metal. Some people store large amounts of gold bullion as an investment strategy.

Gold is also one of the most commonly used precious metals in the jewelry industry. People make rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry out of this metal.

Gold is also frequently used in the electronics industry. Gold is considered to be one of the best and most efficient conductors in the world. Because of this, it is often used in the wiring of electrical components. It is not the cheapest conductor out there, so it’s not always used, but it is utilized in many different electrical devices.

Gold has been used in the dental industry for hundreds of years. It’s not as widely used today due to other solutions being available, but some people do still have gold fillings in their teeth.

Medical Usage
In some cases, gold can be used in the medical industry as a treatment option. Some medical conditions and diseases can be treated with injections of solutions that contain gold in them.

In the computer industry, many computer companies use gold as a component. Gold can transmit data well, so it is often used in computer chips and other similar components on a regular basis.

Who knows? Maybe the gold you sell today will be used in your next computer!