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The $1000 Facebook giveaway WINNER is….

We are delighted to announce the winner of our FACEBOOK $1000 giveaway.

Melissa Lisenby

The response was so successful and so much fun that we have decided to follow
this up with a new, bigger and better giveaway.

We are giving away ONE OUNCE of 24 Karat Gold
Second prize will be 3 ounces of Pure Silver.
We will also be giving away a Silver Dollar to the next 7 names picked.

As before all that will be required is to go to A1 Gold Buyers Facebook page or go to to enter

Leave a comment on Facebook for your entry validation and click “Like”

No Transaction is necessary. It’s that simple.
You must be 18 years of age and a resident of the United States to win.

Drawing will be October 31st and the winners name will be announced on A1 Gold Buyers Facebook page and website.

Investing in Gold Stocks vs. Direct Ownership

When you are interested in investing in gold, you have the option of going with gold stocks or owning gold directly. While gold stocks do have some advantages over other stocks, direct gold ownership is the best option.

With direct gold ownership, you get a tangible investment that you can actually hold in your hands. This way, if you ever need access to the investment, you know exactly where it is. With gold stocks, your shares are held electronically in your broker’s computer system. If the system collapsed, your shares would not be worth anything and you could not trade them with anyone.

Another reason that direct gold ownership is better is because it allows you to speculate directly on the price of gold. With gold stocks, they are loosely based on the price of gold, but the management of the company also comes into play. If the company makes bad investment decisions or doesn’t manage its resources effectively, it could devastate the stock price of the company. If you want to own something that is going to continue to go up in value over time, gold is what you need.

Jewelry Repair | Custom Jewelry Design

A1 Gold Buyers is delighted with the addition of master jewelry crafter and repair specialist, Vatche

Vatche, who grew up in the Jewelry industry in Detroit, MI and began his long and illustrious career in
the Atlanta area in 1990, a career which successfully continues today.

He has owned and operated a chain of Jewelry stores in the 1990’s and performed repair and custom
design for some of the leading Jewelry retailers, both locally and nationally.

His designs range from basic, but classy and unique pieces, to extravagant and detailed designs,
guaranteed to please even the most sophisticated tastes.

The decision to join forces with A1 is a win-win-win situation for A1, Vatche and the thousands of loyal
clients of A1 Gold Buyers. Customers that are selling their Jewelry because they no longer wear it, now
have the option of changing the piece, either by simply altering the color or having an entire new piece
designed and manufactured.

Vatche is available during business hours at A1 Gold Buyers Indian Trail, Norcross location where his
personal design studio is located, alternatively by appointment at any of the A1 metro Atlanta locations.

He can be contacted at 678-702-9981 or direct at 248-346-6008.

Why Deflation is the Biggest Catalyst for Gold and Silver

As the Federal Reserve wrestles with whether to keep interest rates at historic lows, deflation is a constant on the minds of investors and consumers. However, investors in precious metals such as gold and silver should know that deflation is perhaps the best thing that could happen for their markets.

Deflation as a whole is always bad for business. If businesses are not able to sell their goods at rates at which they make a profit, they will not be able to show a profit to their investors in their quarterly and yearly reports. This will scare investors out of companies and lower the indexes. Media outlets will undoubtedly generalize the effect, as they always do, as another recession for the market or a season of bad business.

As the market indexes go down, the investment in precious metals such as gold and silver invariably goes up. Although the effects of deflation mirror that of a recession, it does not necessarily mean that businesses are going bankrupt. However, these facts are not really relevant when you are talking about the emotional plays by investors in the short-term marketplace.

Especially in the wake of the Great Recession, investors will take any lessening of profit margin as the effect of a blowback. They will undoubtedly overreact and move their money from speculative companies into investments that have historically been good hedges for bear markets. These investments include gold and silver and will continue to push the prices of those precious metals up and up until some sort of sanity is restored to the marketplace.

This sanity will probably not come soon if deflation rears its ugly head. With the continued resonance of the Eastern economic block edging itself into the markets of the United States and Europe, uncertainty in the marketplace is a virtual certainty until the debt, banks and housing crises of the Western economic bloc are handled in a sufficient manner. Until then, anything that affects the short term profitability of Western businesses, including deflation, will coincide with a rise in the prices of the precious metals market, especially gold and silver.