A1 Gold Buyers announces national franchise opportunity.

Over the past 3 years A1 has opened and operated 18 gold and precious metal purchasing locations. A1 Gold Buyers believes that their future growth and development exists in the franchising and national expansion of their tried and trusted concept.

The gold buying industry has mushroomed and asserted itself as a legitimate long term business. A1 has developed a business model that is fast, affordable and easy.

Founder and CEO, Anthony Shapiro is of the opinion that the low cost (As low as $35,000) and uncertain economic times, coupled with the soaring prices of precious metals, make this the ideal franchise. The business lends itself to owner operators, retirees, graduates, entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Areas and regions with multiple store opportunities will be carved out for the investors or multi-unit operators. Shapiro says “the business prides itself on treating their clients with transparency, respect and honesty.”

Asked why go through a franchisor and not open what appears to be a simple business, Shapiro comments “things are not always as simple as they appear”. He continues with saying that “A1’s experience in opening the stores has given them the ability to open quicker and at a significantly lower cost than an independent operator. In addition the simple economics of purchasing, selling and advertising in volume is obviously more financially viable. Expensive rookie mistakes will be eliminated through intensive and ongoing training which will also assist franchisees with alternative and additional trading options.”

A1’s teams bring a blend of experienced operators as well as international franchisors and together feel that they have the recipe for growth and success.

Their debut sales event takes place on the weekend of June 2, at the Franchise &Business opportunities Expo in Houston, TX.

Interested parties can reach A1 Gold Buyers AT FRANCHISE@A1GOLDBUYERS.COM,  telephone 678- 702-9981 or by using the Franchise Request Form.