How To Sell Gold

“Price of gold will not have much movement”? What do you think?

According to an International Business Times article of July 11th 2013 experts believe that the price of gold will not have much movement for the next 12-18 months. If you are thinking about selling, now is the time to make a move, bfore the market takes a further fall in prices.
What’s Next For Gold?

Most experts aren’t holding their breath for a return to gold’s recent glory days. Nouriel Roubini, a New York University economist influential in financial circles but usually pessimistic about global markets, sees gold headed further south to $1,000.

Goldman Sachs lowered its forecast for the price of gold at the end of 2014 to $1,050 from $1,270.

What will gold do tomorrow

The price of gold can change dramatically in a single day. Knowing what to look for will give clues on when gold will go up or down in price.

Usually, any hint of a major geopolitical conflict will send gold surging upward. The Middle East is especially an area to watch. For example, if Iran threatens to bomb Israel or sink a ship in the Strait of Hormuz, the price of gold will most likely go up.

People look to gold as a safe haven when geopolitical situations look to go hot as in a shooting war or anything that may hinder the shipment of goods.

Labor disputes in countries that mine gold can also send the price of gold up. If miners go on strike at a major South African gold mine, this will reduce the supply of gold and send the price upward. After a labor dispute is settled, the price may fall. Mines that forward sell gold can depress the price of gold. The news that a major gold vein is playing out at a big gold mine can send the price of gold higher.

Anytime the movement of oil is disrupted, the price of gold can surge. If the price of oil moves sharply higher, the price of gold can also go up.

By following geopolitical events, the action of mining companies and the price of oil, a person can get a good idea if gold will go up or down in price.

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What main factors should determine where you sell your gold, silver and other precious metals?

Yesterday I heard first hand another fascinating story of fraud and deceit in this already tarnished industry.

At approximately 6-30 pm yesterday we received a phone call from a very irate and understandably upset “customer”. When asked what the problem was, he advised us that the check we had issued him was not being honored and was “bad”. Well what relief was felt by us. Cold? Callous? Sick? No, none of the above. We just knew immediately it was not our check. How did we know without checking you may ask? Simple. WE PAY CASH!!!. We do not pay by check and that is another important factor separating us from the rest.

Do not be mistaken, we felt terrible for the victim and assisted him in locating the offending gold dealer. (which happened to be closed for business)

In addition we directed him to the local police, whom we work very closely with in order to file charges.

On further examination we discovered that the customer (victim) actually had the gold dealer come to his house to effect the transaction.
Now I am not saying anything disparaging about this customer, except to say that he was ignorant and too trusting.

The lessons I want to share are now simple to understand:

1. If the gold dealer pays by check there is ALWAYS the chance that it will NOT be honored. Sometimes at no fault of the dealer, but perhaps a bank error.
2. If you are inviting a “gold dealer” to your home, you are now showing him where you live and showing them your gold, silver and jewelry etc. In today’s times that could be a very costly mistake; both financially and Heaven-forbid physically. Additionally, it is absolutely illegal in most places to buy precious metals without a permit for that specific address. Yes! That would make many gold parties and the like absolutely illegal.


How to avoid these simple mistakes and still gain.

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