Sell Silver

Should I sell or pawn my silver jewelry?

When people are looking to make some quick cash, they often turn to selling or pawning their jewelry. When it comes to silver jewelry, there are pros and cons of each.

In terms of pawning, it is a good way to make the cash really fast. You could take your jewelry to the pawn shop, and walk away with cash in hand minutes later, On top of that you have the option to get your
jewelry back in case it has sentimental value. However, you will likely not get as much for it and you will need to shop around to find a good deal.

When selling silver jewelry you will be able to get more money. There are some jewelry stores that do buy jewelry, but they do not generally take sterling silver. They are more interested in gold and certain gems that they can reuse.

Selling silver to A1 Gold Buyers is just as easy as selling your gold. You already know that you get a fair price and customer service that listen to your wants and needs. In addition you will get paid cash and transactions take less than 10 minutes in most cases.