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“Price of gold will not have much movement”? What do you think?

According to an International Business Times article of July 11th 2013 experts believe that the price of gold will not have much movement for the next 12-18 months. If you are thinking about selling, now is the time to make a move, bfore the market takes a further fall in prices.
What’s Next For Gold?

Most experts aren’t holding their breath for a return to gold’s recent glory days. Nouriel Roubini, a New York University economist influential in financial circles but usually pessimistic about global markets, sees gold headed further south to $1,000.

Goldman Sachs lowered its forecast for the price of gold at the end of 2014 to $1,050 from $1,270.

Alert! Gold prices decline.

The gold price is in somewhat of a free-fall and has fallen well over $100 in the last 30 days.
This dramatic decline is partly as a result of the declining Euro and the dollar increased its value as a result thereof. A stronger dollar usually means a weaker gold price.

In addition there has been a resistance to commodity purchasing by investors as they chase the riskier deals in a bullish market (see Reuters article below)

If you are planning on selling gold DO NOT WAIT for prices to decline any further.


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Outlook for 2013 Gold Prices

If you own scrap gold this appears to be a good time to sell. Increases in gold production might influence gold prices to drop.

Barclays, a major British financial services company, estimates that global gold production should increase slightly to 2,672 metric tons in 2013 from 2,652 metric tons in 2012, according to a November 13th Bloomberg article entitled “Gold Industry Facing Mine Discovery Challenge.” These estimates are similar to the 2011 global gold production estimate of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) of 2,700 metric tons. 2,672 metric tons is approximately 86 million troy ounces.

Gold production tends to fluctuate from year to year, with factors such as the gold price, new discoveries, mine quality, investment capital, and energy and labor costs influencing production. Despite this fluctuation, production tends to be relatively stable, due to the rarity of the metal and the cost of extracting it from the earth. With the price of gold having increased from under $300 per troy ounce in 2001 to about $1650 per troy ounce today, global gold production is likely to stabilize or increase in the next few years due to greater profitability in mining.

According to the USGS, in 2011 China led the world in gold production at 355 metric tons, followed by Australia at 270 metric tons, the United States at 237 metric tons and Russia at 200 metric tons.

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How the fiscal cliff will affect gold prices?

This is How the Fiscal Cliff Will Affect Gold Prices

Economic fundamentals of supply and demand determine the prices paid for commodities, groceries and currencies. Politicians have shown that their primary policy for handling the fiscal cliff will be to print more paper money. This will increase the supply of the fiat currency.
Inflation results when more paper money is chasing the same amount of goods and services. The paper money loses its value. Individuals, businesses and governments will demand more money to make ends meet. Wise investors will purchase gold to protect against assets losing their value.

Handling the Slippery Slope

When people start to slide down a slippery slope, their first goal is the stop the decline. Likewise, the wealthy are purchasing gold to retain the value of their assets.
Gold remains a valuable, scarce, precious metal. It can be used in all countries and at all time. Gold has lasted as long as mankind.
The unresolvable fiscal cliff is increasing the price of gold because investors want to protect the real purchasing power of their assets.

If you were smart and invested in gold at low prices then today would be a profitable time to sell.
However ,gold is always a safe investment for reasons outlined above .

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What will gold do tomorrow

The price of gold can change dramatically in a single day. Knowing what to look for will give clues on when gold will go up or down in price.

Usually, any hint of a major geopolitical conflict will send gold surging upward. The Middle East is especially an area to watch. For example, if Iran threatens to bomb Israel or sink a ship in the Strait of Hormuz, the price of gold will most likely go up.

People look to gold as a safe haven when geopolitical situations look to go hot as in a shooting war or anything that may hinder the shipment of goods.

Labor disputes in countries that mine gold can also send the price of gold up. If miners go on strike at a major South African gold mine, this will reduce the supply of gold and send the price upward. After a labor dispute is settled, the price may fall. Mines that forward sell gold can depress the price of gold. The news that a major gold vein is playing out at a big gold mine can send the price of gold higher.

Anytime the movement of oil is disrupted, the price of gold can surge. If the price of oil moves sharply higher, the price of gold can also go up.

By following geopolitical events, the action of mining companies and the price of oil, a person can get a good idea if gold will go up or down in price.

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Why Deflation is the Biggest Catalyst for Gold and Silver

As the Federal Reserve wrestles with whether to keep interest rates at historic lows, deflation is a constant on the minds of investors and consumers. However, investors in precious metals such as gold and silver should know that deflation is perhaps the best thing that could happen for their markets.

Deflation as a whole is always bad for business. If businesses are not able to sell their goods at rates at which they make a profit, they will not be able to show a profit to their investors in their quarterly and yearly reports. This will scare investors out of companies and lower the indexes. Media outlets will undoubtedly generalize the effect, as they always do, as another recession for the market or a season of bad business.

As the market indexes go down, the investment in precious metals such as gold and silver invariably goes up. Although the effects of deflation mirror that of a recession, it does not necessarily mean that businesses are going bankrupt. However, these facts are not really relevant when you are talking about the emotional plays by investors in the short-term marketplace.

Especially in the wake of the Great Recession, investors will take any lessening of profit margin as the effect of a blowback. They will undoubtedly overreact and move their money from speculative companies into investments that have historically been good hedges for bear markets. These investments include gold and silver and will continue to push the prices of those precious metals up and up until some sort of sanity is restored to the marketplace.

This sanity will probably not come soon if deflation rears its ugly head. With the continued resonance of the Eastern economic block edging itself into the markets of the United States and Europe, uncertainty in the marketplace is a virtual certainty until the debt, banks and housing crises of the Western economic bloc are handled in a sufficient manner. Until then, anything that affects the short term profitability of Western businesses, including deflation, will coincide with a rise in the prices of the precious metals market, especially gold and silver.

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